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Buying Empty Cartridges Since 2004

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How It Works

Request Shipping Label:

We provide free shipping for any school, church, synagogue, organization, or individual as long as they meet the minimum of 50 cartridges per shipment.  Your cartridges must appear on our pricelist and be undamaged and have not been previously refilled.

Check prices

First, check our online pricelist to make sure that we accept the models you have and they meet our minimum of 50 cartridges for each shipment.

Second, wrap each item in a piece of newspaper or packing paper and pack them into a sturdy box.

Third, go to the request shipping label and complete and adhere one to each box.

Fourth, locate your local post office or mailing facility and drop your box(es) off to be shipped to Empty Express.

Payment and Billing:

Payments by check are issued 15 days after receipt. Please check our online pricelist periodically, as prices are updated periodically. We will pay you the quoted price on the day your cartridges arrive in our collection facility.

Empty Express will only pay for cartridges that are in good working order. All non-virgin and damaged cartridges will not be counted towards your cash total. Shipments with failure rates above 20 percent may incur shipping charges. Please pack your cartridges carefully. 


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