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What is the minimum shipment you will accept?

Currently, the minimum quantity of cartridges we accept is 50. Since we offer such high buyback prices, it is more efficient to work with organizations that are collecting in larger quantities. If you have collected less than 50, we hope you will wait until you have collected enough so we can work with you.

Do I need to write anything on the boxes?

Please make sure your customer number is written visibly on the box you are sending in. Also, please ensure that the information on the shipping label is easily readable.


How can I tell a virgin empty from a non-virgin/remanufactured empty?

Virgin empties always have the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) label on the cartridge. For an HP cartridge, for instance, this would show the original HP logo. Non-virgin or remanufactured cartridges usually have labels that indicate that they are remanufactured, replacements for, or compatible with certain OEM models.

How can Empty Express pay so much?

With our efficient inspection process, we can quickly receive products and deliver them to our customers around the world. By keeping a low overhead and being aware of global customer demand, we can pay the highest prices in the industry with the fastest turnaround.

Do I need to include a packing list with my cartridges?

If you already have a packing slip created you are welcome to include it. It is not required to include a packing list, however.

Do you accept non-virgin or remanufactured cartridges?

Yes, we accept certain models of non-virgin cartridges that are listed as non-virgin or remanufactured on our buyback list.

Do you accept empty Epson or Canon ink tanks?

Unfortunately, these cannot be recycled like printhead cartridges can, because the industry uses brand new compatibles for these models rather than refilling the ink tanks. We cannot accept these ink tanks.However, Canon cartridges with printheads, such as PG-40, CL-41, PG-50, and CL-51 are currently accepted on our buyback list.

How should I pack inkjets before mailing?

Please see ourPackaging Instructions pagefor more information.

How do I sign up?

Please see ourCheck Prices Page and email us to sign up.

How can I get more labels?

Please see ourContact Uspage and email us how many labels you need and approximately how many cartridges you will be sending in.

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