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 Posted May 28, 2011


EmptyExpress will handle your empty printer cartridges. Join us today, place a shipment order and worry no more!


We will handle shipping costs and your rates per cartridge are very appealing, especially if you have a large amount of them. Do take into consideration however that, if the cartridges have been refiled or do not appear on our lists, we cannot buy them. So make sure you meet our requirements in order to qualify.


Join today at and let us handle and pay you for your empty cartridges.

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 Posted May 11, 2011


Save the environment today! Send us your empty cartridges and we will pay you for them. Make sure your cartridge type is found on our list and be sure to not send over already refilled or reused cartridges.


We will handle shipping costs and send you your money for the cartridges in the shortest amount of time possible. It cannot get better than this, trust us. If you are looking for a place to get rid of your empty cartridges, you have come to the right place.


Place your shipping order today and let us handle everything else. Thank you for your patronage!

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 Posted May 04, 2011

If you are the principal of a school and find yourself knee-deep in empty cartridges from your printers, then you have come to the right place.

Here at EmptyExpress, we can take those cartridges off your hands and get some money in return. See if your empty cartridges are found on our list and get in touch with us right away. We will handle shipping costs and, as mentioned before, will pay you a fairly decent price for them.

With the money earned from selling us your cartridges, you can invest in educational programs or use it to buy new cartridges for your printers. Furthermore, you are helping the environment, setting an exampel for your students.


So act today – join us, fill out the form and let us take your empty printer cartridges off your hands.

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 Posted April 30, 2011


Dell, Cannon, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark – we handle most of the cartridges produced by these suppliers. If you find yourself stacking up more than 50 cartridges, then come join us today at and get rid of them while earning some money in the process.


Our registration procedure is simple and intuitive. Also, we have the best rates out there, accompanied by the best shipping methods (we will support the shipping cost). Payments are also made in the shortest amount of time.


So do a good thing for your pocket and for the environment and get in touch with our team. We promise you it will be well worth your time and effort!

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 Posted April 21, 2011


Here at EmptyExpress we make sure that we treat our customers with the utmost respect that they deserve. After all, they are doing both us and the environment a favor.


Our payments are prompt and we even provide free shipping for schools, churches, organizations and even individuals if they send over a shipment of at least 50 empty cartridges. In order to qualify, just make sure that the cartridge type appears in our database and that you have not previously refilled them.


So start recycling today! Help us help you help the environment. We thank you for your business!

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 Posted April 12, 2011

 Save up on money which you can invest in educational programs or other business improvements!


Here at EmptyExpress, we value any business you may be conducting. Given the current financial situation worldwide, any saved penny is a good penny. So why don’t you start earning money for cartridges you would otherwise dispose of?


Join us today and let us buy your used printer cartridges! The money you make can be used to invest in further educational programs if you are a school administrator. If you own an office-based business, the money could provide a steady income which you can use to buy new cartridges.


In any case, there is no reason why you should let an income option go to waste – literally! Join us today and earn some cash while contributing to saving the environment at the same time!

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 Posted April 06, 2011

     Do not let your empty printer cartridges go to waste! They will end up in a landfill and spill out toxic ink, not to mention the plastic that we all know is the slowest biodegrading material out there.

     Take action and make some money out of it. We will buy your empty cartridges! Just sign up and fill out the forms and in a matter of seconds let us take those cartridges off your hands and pay you for them.

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 Posted March 01, 2011

 When you are entering a new shipment, you have the ability to enter each specific cartridge and generate a purchase order reflecting the correct models and quantities of empty cartridges you are sending.  If you don’t enter in the models you have, however, the site will generate a purchase order which includes every cartridge that we purchase.  It is easy to get confused by this purchase order, as most people are probably not sending in one of every cartridge that we purchase.

It is a lot easier to think of this PO as a saved price list for your records.  You can save this price list to make sure that you are receiving the prices that were current at the time the shipment was initiated.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

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 Posted August 11, 2010

  I thought this lawsuit may be interesting for people in the industry.  It is the latest effort by HP to prevent patent infringing compatible cartridges from being imported into the US.  They are attacking manufacturers and US retailers.

You can view the text of the HP allegations here.

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 Posted July 27, 2010

 Here is the text of the Nukote lawsuit against Office Depot.  I thought some people may find it interesting.  Http://

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 Posted March 23, 2010

Please save your HP 58 cartridges (C6658) and HP 02's - we have just added them to the list.  Always think of Empty Express for recycling your empty printer cartridges! 

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 Posted January 20, 2010

Empty Express has recently added new cartridges to our list that we are interested in purchasing.  We now have the highest buyback prices for HP 90 series.  This includes HP 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, and 98.  

We have been improving our inspection and payment process so we can send out your check in just a few days after we receive your shipment.  We will work hard to earn your trust, so please sign up and start working with us.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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 Posted November 23, 2009

Many people ask me what printers to buy, because they are frustrated with the high price of ink.  Everyone knows that HP practically gives away the printer in order to make a lot of money on high margin ink cartridges.  If you are interested, please email and ask which printers that are for sale right now offer, or will eventually offer cartridges that are economical.  Right now, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 is by far the best HP multifunction color printer.  Here is a link to it on Amazon.  If you are buying a printer now, you want one that can use the HP 940XL cartridge.  These are high capacity ink tanks that print 1,400 pages, for about the same cost as much smaller cartridges offer.  

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 Posted October 28, 2009

 Thanks to those of you who sent us your empty printer cartridges lately.  We try to inspect and pay out the highest prices with the quickest turnaround time.  Please call or email for larger quantities or if we can be of any other assistance.  Please note that we are looking for large quantities of Empty HP 21, HP 27, and HP 56.

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