Empty Express - Empty Inkjet Cartridges

Every year, over 400 million Inkjet printer cartridges are thrown away causing unnecessary waste. Empty Express provides a proactive solution to reduce waste and help save our communities. Many people don’t realize that most printer cartridges can be recycled. Recycling the cartridges you collect helps to keep them out of our landfills. We pay you cash for all listed cartridges you collect. We even pay all of the expenses to ship your empties to us!

Make money for your school or any organization. So, collect your empty inkjet printer cartridges –it’s not only good for your school or organization – it’s good for the environment and the economy too.

We also purchase unused OEM expired or unexpired product.

Company Highlights
Empty Express is one of the world’s leading collectors of virgin and non-virgin empty cartridges.
We offer the most competitive buyback prices.
Our inspection and payment are the fastest in the industry
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